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posted on 12.11.2010

Understanding a Man and Van Service

Learn all about Man and Van services and how this removal service works!

The term man and van is used all over the internet by users looking for a man with a van service and is one of the TOP services in the removal industry these days because it provides full support to almost any removal, from small pick up and multi drop services to medium size house, office and warehouse removals.


All removal companies charge you by hours and the time starts from the moment the first item is load in the van and almost all of them will have a minimum 2 hours booking time, why is that? The reason is because companies that do not have the minimum booking time will start to charge you right when they leave their base until they do your job and return back to the base, that's when the clocks is going to stop, so having a 2 hours minimum time will guarantee that you pay only what you used and will take off extra charges giving you a better price at the end.

GR Man and Van decided to keep the 2 hours minimum charge to save you money and to reach all locations of London


Man and Van
prices around London vary from £25 to £60 per hour, but most removal companies, maybe 85% will charge you £30 per hour, GR Man and Van decided to go for the price of £29.90 per hour and it is a very competitive price for a good service.


The name already says everything, you'll get a Removal Van which will vary from a transit van size to a transit long wheel base size and a removal man(the driver) which will help you load and unload the vehicle or if you prefer he'll carry everything while you wait.

The service will be quite the same in all removal companies but of course some will give you better support then others, like GR Man and Van always carry a tool box on its vehicles so if you need to dismantle anything, no time will be loss because they've got what you need.


People with no experience on removals will most of the time, have back injuries for not carrying things properly, break or damage some items or walls(scratch) while loading and unloading and will not use properly all the space in the removal vehicle which for removal men is an easy task as they are always loading and unloading.

Put it in this way, all removal workers have to move houses, offices, warehouse and do pickup and collection services every day of the week which comes to 24/7 and that for the whole year, 365 days, this will give all removal men enough experience to do the right decisions and even how to carry things faster delivering them door to door without a scratch.


A Man and van will definitely be the right removal service for you because it will give you full support to almost all kinds of removals for a cheap price and it will assure that the job are done properly without any harm to the person, items and properties on the move and it will assure that you a good use of the load space you have on the removal vehicle.

GR Man and Van provides a great Man and Van service with competitive rates, call us today for a free quote on 0800 048 8599

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removal tip posted on 12.11.2010

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comment from StewanStewan on 16.02.2011 - 16:07:26:

nice, this is great.thank you!

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Understanding a Man and Van Service

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